Recruitment for Bartenders in Canada

Canada is a nation in the Northern America with 3 areas and 10 provinces. It has vast land which makes it the 2nd biggest country worldwide. The capital city is Ottawa with Toronto, Montreal as well as Vancouver as the 3 largest metropolitan areas. It has an outstanding economy, and for this reason it’s attractive to the ever growing job seekers.

There’s an immediate recruitment for skilled Bartender. You’ll be in charge of welcoming of consumers to the bar. All candidates have equivalent employment opportunity as there’s no discrimination in relation to gender, citizenship, status, race, colour and others.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Cheerfully welcome consumers to the bar
  • Present drink menu to consumer on entering to the bar
  • Make suggestions and respond to all request and concerns
  • Take orders from serving staff or straight from clients
  • Record drink orders precisely right into register system
  • Prepare and offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in conformity with typical dishes
  • Ensure clean glasses, bar tools as well as working areas

Skills and Requirements

  • Good knowledge of drink recipe
  • Working knowledge of bar equipment
  • Good communication skills
  • Customer service and goal-oriented
  • Good cash handling skills

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